Web Design and Development Portfolio:


Here you can see websites we built for businesses in entertainment and fashion industries:

Event Energizers
Industry: Event Planning & Management
Challenges: Our client wanted a unique and creative design to emphasize the company's professional and creative approach as well as have a blog to market his expertise. We included the brand colors throughout the design and implemented flash elements, a music player, and a WordPress blog to create the final result.

Html + Flash Elements + Music Player + WordPress Blog
Pop Prints NY
Industry:Fashion Design
Challenges: We have created an unique and creative design to emphasize the company's creative approach. We have also implemented a fully functional e-commerce platform which enables the client to sell their product and collect the credit card payments.

Html + PHP + Java + E-Commerce
Challenges:Fully customized CMS backend with an automatic system to post and manage and Geo Tag submitted photos.

Html + PHP + WordPress CMS + Google Maps
Sylvie Personal Stylist
Industry:Fashion Stylist
Challenges: The client needed an elegant and modern design to represent her professional, sophisticated and unique approach. We have used a WordPress CMS to make the website update friendly and to create the final result.

Html + Flash Elements + Music Player
Gentle Man's Image Consulting
Industry:Image Consulting Company

Challenges: Our main challenge was to create a clear and clean design that reflect the professional approach of the company. We have also implemented custom forms so the client is able to collect user information.

Html + Word Press + Custom Forms


Here you can see websites we built for different businesses and industries:

Alpha Recycling Inc.
Industry:Recycling Services

Challenges: User Registration - we created a back-end system to conveniently manage registered users. This feature allows the owner/admin to give registered users access to specific areas where they can download documents uploaded just for them. It's a great solution for company collaboration.

PHP + MySQL + CMS + Java
Millennium Rehab Services, LLC
Industry:Rehabilitation Therapy Contracting
Challenges:This project required our attention on three levels: design, programming and content creation. We worked closely with the client to achieve an optimized clean design with just enough content.

Html + Java + PHP + WordPress Blog
RJ Tour
Industry:Professional Limousine and Touring Company
Challenges:Clean cut design that will make a good first impression. The blend of dark backround and green fonts makes the text to pop out and be more visible.

Html + PHP + Java + Music Player + WordPress CMS
The MMI Edge
Industry:Marketing Automation Solutions

Challenges: Our client needed our web development and project management expertise to turn their design idea into a site that will lead potential clients through the sales funnel and generate leads using video, text, social media and more.

CMS + Flash Elements + Video Players + PHP + CSS + Custom Forms
Troll Nursery
Industry: Wooden Furniture Manufacturer

Challenge: Display and categorization of client's large product-lines.

Html + Flash + Java
Business Plus
Industry: Insurance Brokerage

Challenges: User Registration - Website visitors can become registered users of the site. This feature allows the owner to give registered users access to specific areas where they can download documents uploaded just for them.

PHP + MySQL + CMS + Java
International Furniture
Industry: Kitchen Furniture Design

Challenges: Our client wanted his website to stand out and be clean and stylish, just like the product that he is selling. We designed a full flash website that is easy to navigate and focuses on the clean display of the products.

Flash + Google Maps Integration
Nassau Collision Corp.
Industry:Car Body and Repair Shop
Challenges: We needed to create a simple and clear website that would invite potential customers to pickup the phone and call the Nassau Collision Corp. We achieved that goal by strategically placement of the company phone number. Also we have used company colors to create a professional look and trust worthy feeling.

Html + JS + WordPress
Deluxe Services NYC
Industry: Concierge Service
Challenges: Our client needed a user-friendly back-end to make updates to the site himself. We implemented a clean and simple design into a Content Management System (CMS) which allows him to make simple changes without having to know HTML code.
WordPress CMS
ESP Auto Enginerring
Industry: Car Repair and Restoration Service

Challenges: Clear presentation of many services provided by the client.

Html + Flash
Vistula Construction, Inc.
Industry: Construction Services
Challenges: Clearly display the many services the client offers, outline the construction work-flow, implementation of galleries for the progress of work. It was important for the client to present a list of references and gratitude letters from satisfied clients. We achieved this by implementing a "References" link in the main navigation and displaying each reference letter separately.
Html + Java + Flash Elements


Here you can see websites we created for artists and their portfolios:

Jim Ellis Limited Edition
Type: Artistic Portfolio and Store
The Challenge: We were asked to implement the design into a CMS platform with a payment system. It was achieved with Word Press CMS and a paypall integration.
WP + CMS + Java + HTML
Thomas Macy Banks - Artist Portfolio
Type: Artistic Portfolio
The Challenge: Our client wanted to present his work and get the attention of visitors with constantly changing slideshows. He wanted to be able to add and remove images and update his website by himself. We built the website using a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with a user-friendly back-end that allows for easy site updates without needing to know HTML code.
CMS + Java


Here you can see websites we created for non-profit and charitable organizations:

Diamond Way Buddhism New York
Type: Non-Profit Buddhist Organization
Challenges: Our client wanted a clean design that delivered a clear message. They also needed an event calendar and the ability to easily update parts of the site. To achieve this we implemented a user-friendly system that allows for content updates.
Html + SaaS CMS
Type: Non-governmental organization (NGO)

Challenges: Implementation of various mediums and services into the website.

Html + Flash + Video


Here you can see websites we created for community building and online social networking:

Garden City Residents
Type: Community forum for residents
Challenges: Our client needed a website that he could easily manage and update that included a forum, classifieds and survey functionality. We implemented a WordPress Content Management System (CMS) with customized plugins to deliver all the functionality needed by our client.
CMS + Php + MySQL + Java
Zeglujmy Razem
Type: Polish Sailing Community and Information Site

Challenges: Dynamic content - Zeglujmy Razem is a dynamic website, this means that the content will always stays fresh. The client needed to make updates and simple changes to the website by himself. We implemented a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) which after a short training session enabled our client to quickly make changes to the site.
CMS + Php + Flash Elements + Java

Thank you for takeing time and intrest to see our work, we always try to keep our portfolio up to date. Hovever, please note that in some cases links to websites my be inactive for reasons that we cannot predict. Also we are not responsible for the changeing content of websites that we create.

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